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Wil's weekly wrap (07.29.22)

It's good. Not great.

There's no better way to get feedback than spending time in person with customers, partners, employees and the general marketplace.

This week, I spent more than 12 hours and more than 550 miles driving to Bozeman and Kalispell. It was in these two locations that interacted, face-to-face, with employees, partners, clients and government officials.

What I heard, generally, is that things are going really well with our messaging.

And since we're trying new ways to get our message in front of current and new audiences, it was terrific to be involved as new messaging and distribution points were rolled out.

(If things aren't going really well, that in-person feedback is even more critical.)

One of the first news items I consumed this morning was about driverless cars and trucks. After the being on the road for so much of the week (and missing out on so much other stuff), I can't wait for the driverless world to get here.

Something new: I wanted to learn more about the Substack model. So I've been reposting my daily articles on Substack. After a week-ish of posting...

It's good. Not great. (More details to come.)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

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