Wil’s Sunday: What’s that blinking thing?

While I won't ever consider myself an artist, my father is. And I have to think all that artsy stuff rubbed off on us.

Wil’s Sunday: What’s that blinking thing?
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While I mainly write about the intersection of marketing and technology, I also enjoy sharing personal essays and a behind the scenes look into my work.

I call these Wil's Sunday. Enjoy this week's article below.

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"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."


We had recently moved back to California from Nevada. My dad's job had us bouncing between the two states. Now it was The Golden State's turn to call home for what we hoped would be forever.

In general, I had a good childhood. Since we bounced around a lot, home was wherever we made it. And building friendships was tough, knowing there might be a move in our future.

I was a terrible student and excellent on the soccer field. I tried other sports. Basketball was nice. Long-distance running was good. Baseball worked for awhile outside of school.

A sidearm pitcher playing third base when not on the mound. We were visiting a family friend's home one summer and a bunch of kids and dads thought it'd be fun to play a game of softball.

My turn to bat.

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