Wil’s Sunday: A morning walk, alone, in San Francisco.

As I turned around to make the 15-minute walk home, it all set in. Things would be different.

Wil’s Sunday: A morning walk, alone, in San Francisco.
Photo by sky mack / Unsplash

While I mainly write about the intersection of marketing and technology, I also enjoy sharing personal essays and a behind the scenes look into my work.

I call these Wil's Sunday. Enjoy this week's article below.

I like getting up early in the morning. Weekday. Weekend. Seeing the day come to life is a great gift.

My family was big on early starts, whether road travel or getting to the airport or heading into the office.

Before September 11, 2001, we'd drop my dad off at the airport a few hours early. "Just in case", after we'd ask "why so early?" for the umpteenth time. How little did we know that'd become the norm.

Guess we were early to that, too.

I was working at a boutique investment bank. We focused on fusing different cultures, technologies and businesses together.

  • Buy side
  • Sell side
  • M&A
  • Fund raising

Software firms were our main focus. I became a spreadsheet junky.

Coming off a five-ish year stint at an optronics company as a systems/network administrator in Silicon Valley and undergrad studies in telecommunications in the East Bay, this gig seemed to fuse my own interests, skills and experience.

Plus, you know. San Francisco!

Big buildings. Street cars. Hills. The ocean. The bay.

San Francisco!

Initially taking BART to and from San Francisco each day stunted my city life. When I finally moved into the city, it was game time.

Waking up early in the morning and walking around San Francisco is magical:

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