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“Twitter’s certainty problem can be amusing at times, such as when a sizable portion of the service’s 200 million daily users become ‘experts’ on the topic of the day, like meme stocks, eclipses, or cicadas.”


The above quote and the quote’s article made me thimk about journeys. And where we all are within our own journeys.

Life. Work. Social. All different types of journeys.

Sometimes it feels like we have it all (or mostly) figured out. We have the experience, and even the expertise in many cases.

Yet our uncertainty gets in the way.

It reminds me a lot of this video from Casey Neistat: “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore”.



And uncertainty can become overwhelming when you’re trying to plan both for the next few years (strategy) and tomorrow (tactical).

Do all the short-term things line up to the long-term things?

Does it matter?

I don’t know of any way around uncertainty other than just doing something that lines up with long-term goals.

Over the long Independence Day weekend, I’ve been uncertain about this website. I’ve been posting and sharing here for more than a decade.

Yet, I’m uncertain of what to do with it in the long-term. (Ideas are not a problem!)

  • I’ve built meetups that have grown to more than 100 members using this website.

  • I’ve interacted with some giants in the publishing, technology and marketing industries using this website.

  • I’ve used this website for personal use, although I’m usually tinkering with integrations and automations to help me better understand current trends.

This site has always been my digital home – somewhere that I can own a small piece of an ever-expanding online universe.

With the long weekend, I thought I’d take a short-term step in removing some of that uncertainty by doing something that lines up with my long-term goals.

It’s something small, however it gives me a little more direction.

It’s something that I’ll no doubt change over the long-term, however it fits where I’m at today.

My about page is now live.

And I feel so strongly (with some uncertainty!) about the language, I added it to the navigation.

For the world to see.

Yeah. I’m still uncertain about a lot of things. I do know, in the long-term, that I want to use my experience and expertise (and my website) to help others.

And defining what that means to me is a good start.