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The weekly wrap. (05/27/22)

It's the Friday in front of a long weekend. A new podcast episode drops tomorrow.
Image: Palm trees.
Photo by Pedro Mealha / Unsplash

The weekly wrap is a less-structured review from the past week, with commentary from yours truly. Received this article from a colleague or friend? Click below to sign up.

Fundamental truth: B2B is still Person-to-person.

"People want to be suggested stuff by friends, not sold to by strangers." — @BryanBarletta

The quote is good. The comments are great.

Stuff I wrote (and did) this week

  • I posted three Consume this articles, here, here and here.
  • I offered free copies of my Phoenix photo book.
  • I posted a podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, SoundCloud and here.
  • I made some small tweaks to the home of the website, mainly highlighting some feature articles.
  • Along with tomorrow's podcast episode, keep an eye out on the start of some survey responses / discussions.
  • Tomorrow is the Champions League final.