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The iTunes effect.

Making payments remarkably easy.
The iTunes effect.
Photo by Alfons Morales / Unsplash

"“Subscribers to one Substack are more likely to subscribe to another,” Substack spokesperson Lulu Cheng Meservey told me. “And people are more likely to subscribe to a new publication if their email and payment information is already saved from a previous subscribe.”"


This argument reminds me a lot of Ben Thompson's take in Apple and the Innovator’s Dilemma from late 2020:

"Third, the fact that the app store is also housed in iTunes means the payment system is remarkably easy; more importantly, it means that most potential customers have already put in their credit card number, a significant hurdle for any other competing platform (iTunes currently has 160 million credit card numbers)."


It's also probably why Uber is so successful: An infrastructure built on frictionless payment.

Which also reminds me of this tweet:

"I said I would die for my country I never said I'd be slightly inconvenienced for it"