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The future of work.

“‘By Labor Day, I’ll be very disappointed if people haven’t found their way into the office and then we’ll have a different kind of conversation,’ he said, adding that workers can’t expect to get their New York salaries if they continue to work remotely.”


If you’re in recruiting for Morgan Stanley or for New York City, that’s a big-bet statement.

Which is in contrast to Gregory Galant’s comment on Muck Rack’s new work program:

“We’re committed to attracting the best talent globally to join us in our mission. Making sure our employees can do amazing work from anywhere in the world is essential for us to be able to compete with other companies for top talent.”


Feels like these statements are geared towards the ownership (and future) of work. Do we bet our future on our employees or our processes (and managers →)?

The future, indeed.

Ps: If you’re in the services industry, which are you rooting for?