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Slow down and puzzle.
Colder and closer.

Hey. It's Wil.

I normally write about the intersection of communications and technology, especially for those looking to build new ways to communicate with their B2B clients.

I'm adding another series of stories to my site. More personal stories based on photos and videos I've shot over the years.

The first month of these visual stories is open to everyone. Starting in March, I'll tuck them behind a member area.

Click here to join. More about me is here.

Enjoy a recent photo story below.

I recently wrote about the idea of hobbies and opportunities. How stepping away from the day-to-day is becoming increasingly critical to our mental and physical health, and our professional success.

Getting away helps us better think about things. Our impact to the rest of the world. What and how others are doing what we're doing.

One of my hobbies is puzzles. Taking photos and videos are other activities I've been interested in.

And when hobbies meet...

This puzzle, Colder and closer from Maaike Canne, took us a month to finish.

An on-again and off-again project that was a great break from the dinging and buzzing of today's world.

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