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My first documentary (07.17.22)

On June 1 of this year, I announced my intention of creating a documentary film. Here are some of the test shots...

The one thing...

In less than two hours, at first light, I will start filming actual footage for my first documentary film, Stop! Missoula.

What's being said...

So, I'm starting a new personal project.

Go further...

(I've been told self-quoting is uncool. I've quoted myself above.)

My first documentary film is a story about an intersection of cars, bikes and pedestrians that might serve as a model for solving life's collision of the known and unknown.

(In other words, I haven't quite figured out how I will promote the film.)

Interested in a film sponsorship? Get in touch.

In just the past few weeks...

  • I announced my intention of creating a documentary film
  • I drafted the script
  • I created my first storyboard
  • And a few weeks ago, I took some test shots

While I'm missing some of the grander elements of the film from these test shots (think drone, audio, etc.), I now have a better appreciation for light, timing and other technical settings.

A gallery of (some of) the test shots are below.

The next step is to start taking actual footage of the film.

That step is starting in a few hours.

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