More tools than employees.

Plus, the average small business owner uses eight marketing tools, in many cases, that’s more tools than they have employees.


The race is on to provide a slim customer relationship manager (CRM) solution for small and growing companies. While a prediction for a number of years, Mailchimp has embraced their role in the CRM space by positioning it’s solution as a way to manage customer relationships.

They aren’t introducing anything new, solutions-wise. Rather, Mailchimp is leveraging its years of list, segment and contacts to act like a CRM. My guess is many larger companies using Mailchimp were stretching its core features and began encroaching on other CRM solutions. So they asked Mailchimp to address this internal corporate collision.

Why does this matter to you?

Whether you are a freelancer or a growing team within a larger organization, Mailchimp is putting a stake in the ground to say: “We hear you. And this is what we are going to do about it.”.

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Jamie Larson