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Just one thing... (07.23.22)

Do something.

The one thing...

President Biden may be the country's last middle-of-the-road politician.

What's being said...

Without rejecting the ideas completely, White House aides have expressed skepticism about such requests. And even as he signed an executive order last week to begin addressing the issue, Biden had one clear, consistent message: that he could not do this on his own, shifting attention to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Sheesh, maybe this is a politics site after all.

"Do something." I remember that phrase being yelled at an Ohio representative. It might have been after some gun violence.

One lady in the crowd yelled, exasperatedly, "do something!".

It stung.

Like, stop doing nothing. Just do something.

Then, last week, there was the NPR Politics podcast about Gen Z entering races for government representation. They want change, and they aren't willing to settle for the middle.

See Seung Min Kim's article at The Associated Press via The Star.