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Just one thing... (07.19.22)

Does that make me a generalist in my career? You bet. Am I a specialist at anything?

The one thing...

Specialization versus generalization.

What's being said...

In real life, skill development is very much a positive sum game.

We aren't given 100 'skill points' at birth, that must be distributed across offsetting sliding scales. There is no limit to how many skills you can improve and master, and improvement in one field doesn't necessitate deterioration in another field.

Go further...

We were out at dinner last week with a friend who was visiting from California. As questions come up that we couldn't find the answer to, we'd invariably turn to our phones to peck out the question and find an answer.

"What'd we do before phones? Just not know the answer? And be ok with not knowing the answer?"

Searching for answers is definitely a skill. Can it be a specialization? Sure. See SEO professionals.

Do we need to be SEO specialists to be successful in our day jobs?

No, we don't. Yet we can leverage an SEO specialist to accomplish our goals.

I always liked being an IT professional. In Silicon Valley, with so much change, it was a fun and challenging and rewarding profession.

With my studies in telecommunications, I only fell further into the technology industry. A pure joy for me!

Did I want to specialize in technology for the rest of my career? Or, did I want to leverage my technology interest, experience and expertise to support something else?

Like business or marketing or communications.

Does that make me a generalist in my career? You bet. Am I a specialist at anything?

Maybe me?

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