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Just one thing... (07.18.22)

Talk about owning your audience.

The one thing...

A directory for connecting with like-minded professionals is coming to The Information.

What's being said...

A directory: A new index of profiles will make it easier for subscribers to search for peers to connect with based on location, occupation, etc.

Go further...

I don't remember who said it - I remember a VC discussing how their firm engages with the many CEOs, founders and other leaders at the firms they invest in.

It makes sense. While all bringing different solutions to the market, they all have something in common. Starting and scaling a business is hard.

Who better to create a community around than those who are engaged in the same challenges.

The Information is doing this at a broader scale (ie, not just startups, not just founders, etc.).

Talk about owning your audience.

See Sara's article at Axios.