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How Do I Ask You For Your Kidney?

How Do I Ask You For Your Kidney?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been asking family and friends to help us find kidney donors. It’s the weirdest thing we’ve ever had to do. But we need to find a donor and no matter how uncomfortable it is, the only way we’re going to find one is if we ask.

The response has been overwhelming and humbling. To help continue our search for potential kidney donors, I’m asking you for your help:

How should we get the word out?

To date, we’ve been using the following setup:

  • Establish a home base for updates

  • Use Twitter and Facebook to share these updates

  • Use Twitter and Facebook to communicate directly with friends who have helped spread the news

  • Use email for personal communication with potential donors

  • Create links to easily share updates (e.g., Click to Tweet, etc.)

We’ve thought of using other channels (Kickstarter, advertising, etc.) but there are some ethical and moral issues that we aren’t comfortable with. We are in the process of contacting kidney donor organizations (e.g., UNOS, National Kidney Registry, etc.) to help share the news.

What else are we missing?

If you needed a transplant, how would you use today’s technology to get the word out?

Thank you for your help.