Hi. I’m Wil.

The communications, marketing and technology expert.
Hi. I’m Wil.
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For more than 20 years, I've worked with clients and partners as diverse as The Economist, Sony Music and VMware to local food trucks and one-person wineries and advertising consultants.

No matter the size or scope, my goal is the same:

deliver communications, messaging and positioning that generates
quantifiable demand and creates instant brand visibility

Are you planning for a large announcement that needs outside advisory? Have a communications or marketing project that needs to be executed? Or need to define your communications, marketing and positioning?

As an individual contributor, a manager and an executive with organizations around the world, I know the internal challenges in executing communications projects.

My positioning leadership experience and technical expertise help me get things done for your organization.

Continue reading to learn how I can help your next communications, marketing or positioning project generate the demand and visibility you are looking for.

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Getting started.

In building and executing communications, messaging and positioning projects, I think of two sets of needs:


  • Audience: Who are we targeting?
  • Message: What is the call to action?
  • Outcome: What defines success?


  • Education: Are we educating our audience?
  • Validation: Can we have others tell our story?
  • Acquisition: How can we be intentional about next steps?


Project: A new product

  • Audience: Segment for General public; Clients: Product; Clients: Non-product
  • Message: One core message across all audiences; Three supporting messages for each individual audience
  • Outcome: Visibility; Value; Sales


  • Education: Benefits of new product feature
  • Validation: Quote beta testers/Early users
  • Acquisition: Earned media; Feedback; Sales

Your expectations.

Here's what you can expect:


  • An executive-level review of strategic and technical messaging and positioning frameworks
  • A recommendations report that will enable your team to deliver for consistent, impactful and repeatable communications


  • An operational-level review of in-market assets such as ads, email marketing, press releases, websites, etc.
  • An operational-level review of delivery success including calls to action, DKIM, F + Z patterns, etc. (this is the dirty stuff that doesn't get talked about)

My profile.

  • Deep background in connecting communications initiatives to business outcomes
  • Results-driven professional driving success through cross-team collaboration
  • Owner of data-driven models to drive corporate visibility and revenue-impacting projects forward

My expertise.

  • Strategic communications and technology guidance
  • Corporate communications, marketing and brand execution
  • Go-to-market planning through Agile project management

My payment philosophy.

  • I have a full-time gig; I'm not looking for payment
  • I'm focusing on do-good work to understand today's current needs
  • All work completed outside of normal working hours
  • Free 12-month newsletter subscription: Keep abreast of industry trends

Happy partners.

Assistant director:

“We were faced with a communications infrastructure challenge: How do we better share and collaborate on design documents with our global customers? Wil was able to design user stories, reset organizational relationships and coordinate with a partner to rebuild our internal knowledge-share platform, while ensuring there was a seamless way of sharing files internally and with our clients in a secure way.

With Wil's unique combination of technical know-how, management and ability to implement new processes, we deployed a communications platform that allowed us to create deeper, long-lasting relationships with key clients.”

Vice president:

“Wil was a key contributor in modernizing our company’s culture and marketing mix in a very short time period. With his cross- department engagement, focus and commitment to project delivery and deep communications and technology expertise, he instituted streamlined processes that provided a better customer experience.

From brand identity, lead generation and marketing operations initiatives, Wil was a great asset to the growth of our company.”

Product manager:

“In the more than two years I worked with Wil, I saw Wil transform the marketing and communications functions into a data-driven organization delivering innovative and creative projects.

By deploying an automated and trackable MQL-based model, along with implementing change within a 60+ year-old company, he aligned demand generation and brand visibility initiatives with strategic goals.”

Director of services:

"Wil was originally hired to handle marketing for our company. At the time, our small consulting company was almost exclusively focused on consulting services in North America. Shortly after Wil was hired, he stepped up to handle our sales process as well.

In the sales role, Wil made dramatic improvements in every step of the process. He instituted a more formal way to track and manage client contacts, using both a dedicated CRM tool and our corporate wiki. He is persistent and organized in scheduling sales calls and, working closely with our engineers, developing proposals. He stays in touch with clients during and after formal engagements, using our support ticketing system and wiki as well as email and phone communication, to ensure client satisfaction and explore follow-on work.

On a routine basis, he produces comprehensive pre- and post-sales reports, helping us grasp the big picture of our performance. These efforts pay enormous dividends, as our business relies on being responsive to our customers from the moment they first contact us.

Once our company started developing a few software products, Wil delivered a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy. This strategy included press releases, support sites and documentation, and license sales.

I am also impressed with Wil’s willingness to go the extra mile. As a recent example, he lined up over 20 in-person meetings scheduled around a technical conference this year. Being a small company, that extra attention to our clients pays huge dividends in both the short and long term.

Wil has also supported our business operations, helping our accountant manage billing and reporting. More importantly, he contributes significantly in our business strategy meetings.

Overall, Wil has made an outstanding contribution. Sales and marketing in a small company can be chaotic, but Wil made the process smooth and painless for our engineering team."

Vice president:

"I have known Wil for nearly five years while he has worked as the head of Sales and Marketing. I have worked closely with Wil on a number of sales and marketing projects and engagement, and I have been consistently impressed by both Wil’s attitude towards his work and his performance on the job.

His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with our clients and our staff. Wil has the project management and business development skills necessary to provide valuable information to clients and colleagues.

Wil possesses solid writing skills which have enabled him to compose quality business correspondence. He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions. His ability to remain unflustered during frenzied periods proves his ability to work well under pressure.

I recommend him without reservation."

Project engineer:

"Wil brings a lot of experience and manages a great team that continuously puts together amazing campaigns that draw attention and has helped make Blackfoot successful. One of the kindest, hardworking people I know."

Senior director:

"As head of the Data Center Advisory team, a key requirement for success was to position technical information as executive-level presentations and collateral. Wil and his team continually exceeded my expectations, delivering clear messaging in innovative ways that helped secure long-lasting clients. His combination of deep technical knowledge and ability to turn complex data into CxO-level, creative communications would ensure any business attracts and keeps high-value clients."