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Consume *this*. (06/07/22)

Good luck marketing / advertising folks who have pinned their success on metrics that can no longer be quantified.
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Articles (and emails)

Apple launches "Safety Check" feature for users facing domestic violence. (Axios)

Apple on Monday unveiled its new iPhone operating system, iOS 16, which now includes a "Safety Check" feature that enables users to quickly limit who has access to their personal information.

Further tightening of the privacy screw. Good luck marketing / advertising folks who have pinned their success on metrics that can no longer be quantified.

Cookie Alternatives (Marketing Dive)

As the picture of a cookie-less future comes into focus, the change is expected to pose massive ramifications for the advertising industry. With spending on data surging and brands increasingly experimenting with cookie alternatives, marketers are actively working to get ahead of a ‘measurement blackout’.

50% of my advertising works...

Airbnb Categories; V1, V2, and Categories; AirCover for Guests (Stratechery)

In the pre-Airbnb days travelers — and sublessors — justifiably prioritized trust above all else. In other words, the implication of Airbnb building a platform of trust is not that a homestay is now more trustworthy than a hotel; rather, it’s that the trust advantage of a hotel has been neutralized, allowing homestays to compete on new vectors, including convenience, cost, and environmental factors.

Trust and platforms. Trust and platforms.

Podcasts (and videos)

Make your next marketing plan your most effective yet. (Forrester)

That lack of alignment between what your organization needs from you and how you’ll make it happen is a big reason why “annual” marketing plans are often discarded long before a year passes.

Annual marketing plans are an incredible challenge in today's world, especially if they align to budget seasons. Think about 9-month plans that overlap budget planning.

Apple WWDC, M2, Additional Notes. (Stratechery)

And there it is: it turned out Cook was plugged into the theme all along. The real story of this keynote was not the updates to iOS, macOS, watchOS, or iPadOS (tvOS and the rumored realityOS were conspicuous by their absence); rather, this was the annual update to Apple OS.

Something something platforms.

What’s next for advertising? (Another Podcast)

Everything is all fu&*ed up and noone knows what will happen next and it's $700 billion.

Just started this episode.