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To me, building deep relationships is the key to massive, long-term success.
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Today's marketing leaders ignore the impact of fundamental business principles, ignoring the need to adjust their leadership styles during a time of change:

  • Transformational changes within industries
  • Organizational changes within businesses
  • Expectation changes with clients and partners
  • Internal team changes

Without proper leadership, company and product messaging and positioning have negative impacts on culture, productivity and relationships. And this impact is felt with clients, partners and internal teams.

This impact also creates a distraction in brand equity and demand-generation efforts that modern organizations depend on for key partnerships and recurring revenue.

To me, building deep relationships is the key to massive, long-term success.

About the author ...

Hi. I'm Wil.

An expert in delivering B2B communications initiatives, my background is in business development, marketing, technology and telecom. A few notable things about my career:

  • Creator of the original Atlassian User Group model, connecting users around the world with Atlassian, its employees and its partners
  • Data analytics for Align Communications, delivering a new lead generation relationship model for data center and managed services clients
  • Digital transformation for Blackfoot Communications, creating automation and transactional-based programs for wholesale, enterprise, small business and residential audiences

Author and publisher of three books:

  • How to Build a Small Business Marketing Plan (link)
  • Food Trucks: Increase your sales with new revenue opportunities and customer experiences (link)
  • Wil's Travel Guides: Phoenix, AZ (link)

When not delivering transformational communications projects, I'm usually traveling, taking photos and tasting new coffee. Supporting an odd combination of the Cleveland Browns, Liverpool FC and the New York Mets keeps me grounded.

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Updated June 12, 2022.