Make it (seem) easy.

Modern marketing and technology communications for every business.

Make it (seem) easy.
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In marketing and technology, there seems to be a lot of:

  • Unintentional sharing of misinformation
  • Intentional suggestion of being an expert

The challenge is, these fake experts are purposely blowing smoke up the ass of anyone who will listen. Without proper leadership, this causes a disruption in culture, productivity, relationships and trust.

It also creates a distraction in the overall brand awareness and demand-generation efforts that many organizations depend on for relationships and revenue. These "experts" believe the organization should focus on quantity instead of quality.

I'm the opposite of all that...

My background puts me in a unique position to turn complex concepts and assumptions into simple and fun-to-consume stories:

  • Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

Why listen to me...

  • Systems, Network administration: I get technology at its core
  • Investment banking: I get numbers and validation
  • Business development, Marketing, Sales: I get growth via connectivity
  • Telecommunications (BS), Marketing (MBA): I get the fundamentals

What's next...

I aim to publish something each and every day, with the following schedule:

  • Tue, Thu: 1,000+ word articles that aim to help businesses leverage marketing and technology to compete in today’s digital-first world
  • Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: Quick takes on trending topics
  • Sun: Personal essays and behind the scenes articles

All this is free.

If you want to contribute to support to my work, become a paying member:

How to follow...

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- Wil

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