B2B marketing and communications.

Make it (seem) easy.

Analyzing the business of communications.

Make it (seem) easy.
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The challenge for B2B communications today ...

... is confusion. Confusion from internal team members assuming they know how to best communicate with their audience. Sales, brand, demand generation - why are we doing what we're doing?

Messaging frameworks, product positioning and value propositions empower teams to deliver impactful demand generation and brand awareness campaigns.

Without proper communications leadership, this causes a disruption in culture, productivity, relationships and trust. And this disruption is felt with customers, clients and prospects (not to mention internal teams).

It also creates a distraction in brand equity and demand-generation efforts that many organizations depend on for relationships and revenue.

Finding a resource with B2B experience and communications expertise, along with an outside view of your business and challenges is critical to delivering the advertising, marketing and overall communications your audience is craving.

My background ...

... puts me in a unique position to turn complex concepts and assumptions into smart and easy-to-consume communications and messaging frameworks:

  • Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

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Who reads my articles ...

  • Traffic: Average 404 unique visitors per day
  • Geo: 77% of unique users are in the United States
  • Email members: Executives and leaders at technology organizations
  • Device: 59.1% unique users visit on a mobile device
  • OS: 55.1% unique users access via Android
  • All stats above from the period: 09/12/21–09/19/21

My experience includes ...

  • Systems, Network administration
  • Investment banking
  • Business development, Marketing, Sales
  • Telecommunications (BS), Marketing (MBA)

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What's next ...

I aim to publish weekly articles that help business leaders deliver effective B2B marketing and communications to create brand awareness and generate qualified leads.

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