Video: A diner. In Denver.

Video: A diner. In Denver.

We were visiting Denver and stopped by Steuben’s in downtown. I set the Canon M50 on the counter and hit record, capturing the environment around us.



Music: I only want you by kris_sky.

Stuff I use to film…

⇢ Main camera (Canon M50):
⇢ Tripod 1 (Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK):
⇢ Tripod 2 (AmazonBasics):
⇢ Drone (DJI Spark):
⇢ On-camera mic (Rode Pro):
⇢ Field mic (Zoom ZH1):
⇢ GoPro-like camera:
⇢ Light and mic stands:
⇢ iPhone gimbal:

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