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Wireless Bluetooth Remote for Canon M50

Wireless Bluetooth Remote for Canon M50

I have wobbly hands. Sometimes they shake, and most of these times is when I’m about to take a picture.


I use tripods and even the two-/ten-second timer. For whatever, that’s just not satisfying.

So I went out and bought the AODELAN Wireless Remote Control (BR-E1A) for my Canon M50.

To date, I’ve used it nearly every time I’ve set up a shot. If it’s a run-and-gun type scenario, I’m not pulling out the remote – but I do use it when I have the shot set up and I need to concentrate on something else. (Shooting a lecture / interview for instance.)

For whatever reason, the setup seemed overly complicated. Once it’s set up though, it’s easy to configure for use.

At the time of this writing, this remote control is available for USD$26.95 on Amazon..

From a dude with awfully timed wobbly hands, Totally worth it