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"Does Thursday Work With You?"

"Does Thursday Work With You?"


After finishing up some last minute details at home, then jumping in a taxi, this was how we started the day four years ago today…



And as I was being pushed down a long hallway, before hopping onto the operating table, this was the last view I remember…



This was the view I woke up to a few hours later…



What the heck happened?

I was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease. The “Silent Killer” they called it. (Marketing!) We were lucky that it was found early enough that adjusting my living style would prolong my kidneys.

But we all knew what was coming. April 16, 2015. Even a decade before, we knew that date was coming.

(Not that date specifically but, well, you know.)


“Does Thursday work with you?”

So off we went to adjust things and test things and adjust things and test things for the next 10+ years. And in 2015, we received “the” call – a good samaritan donor was found.

Everything was a match.

We were good to go.

“We can either have the surgery in May or – Does Thursday work with you?”


Thank You

So, be kind. And take advantage of every day. And keep in good health.

And remember: You don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives.

So, say Thank You. In business or at home. Two simple words can change someone’s day around.

Those two words might even save someone’s life.

(Paul: Thank you.)