IRL Sunglasses

IRL Sunglasses


A few months ago, I backed the IRL Glasses project on Kickstarter. Those glasses arrived this past weekend.




Even though my view today looks less like it used to…



And now more like…



I still wanted the glasses. For two reasons:

  1. I still travel quite a bit and while headphones are great ways to isolate your thoughts, these glasses will help even more

  2. I like to back projects and see them come to life

How do they work? So far so good, although I’ve put them through two limited testing scenarios:

  1. Driving to the market at 7:00 AM – In general, there’s just not a lot going on in the morning

  2. Around the house – We have some devices that I thought these glasses might block. I was wrong – not that I’m disappointed. These glasses weren’t made to block every device display.

I’ll wear them around town for a few weeks and report back, and we’re traveling in March / April which might provide an even better environment to test them in.


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Jamie Larson