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"Bring on the darkness."

Nearly 60 percent of the American adults surveyed by the Vision Council, which represents members of the optical industry, reported experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain.
— https://www.wired.com/story/give-yourself-to-dark-mode-side/

I’ve been using Night Shift on my iPhone and Mac since it was available and switched to the Dark appearance on the Mac last year. I was using Flux before then.

i hear a lot of the comments: Why is your screen orange/red/brown? Is your screen damaged? Can you see your screen at all? No. No. Yes.

While having no idea if true or not, my eyes aren’t drained at the end of the day and for some reason, I feel the batteries in my laptop and phone seem to last a little longer than others’.

(I also hardly ever have the brightness turned up all the way. Blinding.)

Bring on the darkness, indeed.