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Is the backlash simply a sign that aesthetics are changing, and that influencers need to lie better? Or are people simply exasperated with fakeness altogether?
— https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/facebooks-next-crisis-instagrams-authenticity-problem-jr-little/

Consumers influence change through attention and spend.

Here’s what will likely happen next:

  1. Facebook/Instagram/<insert social media platform here> will notice a change in attention/spend before the public does

  2. Updates to the platform will be made in incremental steps until the public attention/spend begins to change

  3. The entire platform will move to absorb the “best” incremental step

  4. There will be loud grumbling by a few, then acceptance by the public

  5. Repeat

I can’t stand algorithm-based feeds – I have changed my attention and spend on those platforms who have implemented these non-chronological updates. It’s the wrong approach and we’re seeing that being played out through social changes and discussions regarding politics, beliefs, friendships, etc. These platforms are taking control away from consumers and dictating what our ecosystem should look like. Money via advertising flows in, exponentially increasing, deepening and echoing these irrational and in-the-moment thoughts. It’s not good.

Wait – All is not lost. We’re at the beginning of step 1 above: Twitter is beginning to rollout a likely incremental change to its platform.



My guess is we’ll see more social media platforms providing this “option” in the very near future.

If you don’t like what they are doing, stop giving them attention and money.

Remember: It’s we – consumers of these platforms – that dictate their direction.

Let’s make it count.