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The simple answer to that is yes

The simple answer to that is yes


“Sitting in the dugout of the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate two hours before Wednesday’s game, I asked David Wright the question on everyone’s mind: Bottom line, do you expect to play in the major leagues this year?

Wright did not hesitate to answer in the affirmative.

”The simple answer to that is yes,” he said.

— https://the7line.com/blogs/the-7-line/wright-is-not-coming-back-yes-he-is-what-is-going-on


Yeah, the Mets stink this year. Although, not that bad.

Still, what could have been. This past year (Céspedes, Harvey) and for the past decade (Wright). One of them will be ending their NY Mets career.

The above response is typical Wright.

I was in Las Vegas for a conference a bunch of years back and was reading this article about a new prospect named David Wright. The article’s author had interviewed a handful of Mets fans who were watching spring season games down in Port St. Lucie. These were decades-long fans of the Mets and their description of David Wright that still sticks with me today: