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Yes, and...


The more experience and expertise we have in a given area, the more we tend to default to why an idea won’t work, rather than considering how it could.
— http://duncanwardle.com/innovation/how-to-harness-the-momentum-of-your-ideation-sessions/


Earlier this year, I attended the CIMC conference in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia where Duncan Wardle presented. Duncan’s presentation was terrific and really had the audience buzzing.

At a difference conference last year (Pivot Forward in Portland, OR), attendees were led through an exercise called “Yes, and” vs. “Yes, but”. The idea was to see how you felt after expressing idea and your partner responded with either of the two responses above.

An eye-opening exercise for sure.

Give it a try the next time you are in a meeting and catch yourself saying “Yes, but…” to an idea.

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Jamie Larson