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"The Tunnel That Could Break New York"

His success seems to stem from his willingness to spend money and his sheer force of will, a nicer way of describing his willingness to make people miserable until the work is complete.
— https://politi.co/2lV3Xrb

I’m not sure there’s another city in the world that depends so heavily on its tunnels, trains and bridges as New York. London, maybe?

When we were living in NYC, it was the focus of nearly every conversation. The bridge and tunnel crowd. Chris Christie’s bridgegate scandal. The Triborough Bridge being renamed to the RFK bridge. The 2nd Avenue subway line.

We left the city in 2016 and having utterly depending on the subways to get around, I can’t imagine living there now. This article doesn’t make it seem like it will be getting any better any time soon. Fingers crossed for the new guy.

(We were there a few weeks ago and while subway service is impaired for rail work during the weekends, nearly every single line was suspended.)