🗞 Consuming The News

I love to read. One of my first bosses taught me that being a “voracious reader” will bring untold success. I don’t know how to quantify that statement but I do feel smarter after I’ve consumed reading materials.

My boss’ statement was focused on reading – books, journals, etc. Times have changed a bit since then and while I still enjoy getting into a good book (here’s a recent review of Fire and Fury) and watch the news on TV now and then, podcasts have been my go-to source for news, ideas and insights.

I use Overcast as my podcast player and I’ve set up a few lists. The one below is my “newsy” playlist, which I listen to each weekday and catch up on any I missed during the weekends.



To help me get through all these episodes every day, I speed up the audio to a comfortable level. This can be tricky since different speakers have naturally different speeds they speak at. In general, I found the following setting to be good for me:



I used the two other settings (Smart Speed, Voice Boost) to keep the pace of the episodes peppy. Of course, when I get in the car and an episode picks up over the interior speakers, have an Australian host speak at a quick speed can startle some folks.

In addition to podcasts, I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters. Recently, the emails started to drag me down – I knew they were important but I realized there were more urgent items that were being pushed down the inbox.

As a big fan of Instapaper, I decided to forward any important/non-urgent emails to my Instapaper account to read later. I’ve only had this in place for a week and it’s been super helpful. There are a few hiccups (I can’t always get to specific email links) but nothing that outweighs the benefits. I’ve also started using the Apple News app a lot more. It’s helpful to get a quick rundown of top news stories.

The last place where I get news from is YouTube. I recently started a channel (click here!) and am finding a ton of great educational and insightful videos.

You’ll notice none of these sources are live – Ie, how do I follow happens where there’s breaking news? I still turn to Twitter. I don’t use it as often as I once did, but it’s still a great source for live/near-live news.

I’ve been trying to do a better job about reading more into recent/relevant/important topics to get a more full understanding of the related issues (on both sides). The above has been incredibly helpful in keeping me updated on news.

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