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⚽️ Steve's 2008 Showdown

⚽️ Steve's 2008 Showdown

It was 2008.

We had moved to New York a year earlier when I read about this Showdown thing that Steve Nash was hosting. Having lived in the Bay Area, I knew about Steve Nash through his basketball success at Santa Clara.

In 2008. In New York City. Along with Thierry Henry, Baron Davis, Salomon Kalou, Claudio Reyna and so many more.

I remember getting a spot behind one of the goals. I remember the pace of Henry’s penalty shot. I remember seeing people climbing the fences to get a view. I remember the cops not doing anything about it.

Visiting the Showdown site, I didn’t see a recap from 2008. But there was a mention of it in the 2009 recap.

Then I remembered.  I took pictures. Of the 153 photos I snapped that day, here are a few of my favorites.