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⌚️ My Apple Watch Is For Sale

⌚️ My Apple Watch Is For Sale


I am selling my Apple Watch for $155USD.

You can see me and my Apple Watch in this video with the BBC.

Details below:

  • $279.00: Current pricing for a new Aluminum Series 1 42mm Apple Watch
  • Stainless Steel, Series 1, 42mm
  • No bands are included with my Apple Watch
  • I’ll ship my Apple Watch for free (FedEx 2Day®) to anywhere in the USA
  • My Apple Watch was recently repaired by Apple (adhesive seal on back lost it’s adhesiveness) 
  • The image above shows two Apple Watches; I’m selling one Apple Watch; Neither Apple Watch in the above image is my Apple Watch
  • My Apple Watch is in excellent shape
  • I wore my Apple Watch daily and used it extensively; The battery in my Apple Watch, after a full day of use, has ~20% charge remaining
  • Technical specs can be found here
  • Images of my Apple Watch can be found here
  • I am accepting payment through this site only

If you are interested in purchasing, click here.