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Then They Buy The Cheeseburger

Then They Buy The Cheeseburger
The funny thing is that people who were so afraid of wasting time ended up spending much more time on Twitter than they did on Parlio. They just didn’t perceive it that way, because of the difference in the way that the platforms presented themselves.
— http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/01/why-we-cant-fix-twitter-214607

Changing Twitter, the social network, is easy.

Changing Twitter, the media network used by PEOTUS, is much more challenging. Especially when PEOTUS is a symptom of the “lack of nuance inherent in 140-character statements”.

Ultimately, just as Twitter was spurred on by its users, it will need its users to become civil and give up the thrill of going viral.