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Top 5 Pages On wiljr.org In 2016

Top 5 Pages On wiljr.org In 2016

Looking back at website analytics from wiljr.org in 2016, there was a lot less traffic compared with 2015. I can imagine a few reasons but in general, it looks like there were fewer stories posted throughout 2016 (including one big story in 2015). The home page isn’t  included in these numbers.

I’d like to say 2016 was an action-packed year and that’s why traffic was down so much. But 2015 had it’s own action.

See the chart along with a list and short explainers below.

2016 Top 5 Pages on wiljr.org

  • The Weekly Update: This is surprising. I played around with a premium version of my content. In the midst of building out the model, I never stopped to think about the traffic that was coming in. Something to reconsider?
  • I Need(ed) A Kidney: Makes sense that 2016 traffic dropped off considerably.
  • News By Email: Nice to see – I’d like to put more effort into curating a timely and engaging newsletter. Glad others do, too!
  • Playing Both Sides: An article published only a few weeks ago. Shows focusing on a trending topic can increase page views. 
  • MQL: Seeing this in the top 5 makes me happy. I want to do more audio-related projects in 2017. It scratches a creative itch.