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Facebook Is Journalist's New Google Challenge

Facebook Is Journalist's New Google Challenge

From January 11, 2017:

Facebook also regularly changes its algorithms, which can make or break a publisher’s traffic and revenue.
— http://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/11/technology/facebook-journalism-project.html

From April 29, 2011:

The New York Times Company has confirmed recent reports that its About.com property was one of the sites that suffered traffic declines in the wake of Google’s recent Panda/Farmer algorithm change.
— http://searchengineland.com/googles-panda-update-hit-about-com-75145

What’s this mean for those of us who get their news via websites? In the short term, there may be  some disruptions in the way we get our news if we rely on others to discover and share news we are likely to be interested in (ie, Nuzzel). In the longer run, I don’t think it will matter much.

But for publishers, or even for folks who run their own websites, this will be a big shift. If the cost of using Facebook is now higher than the benefits received, website owners will look to different methods of finding folks like you and me to read their articles and visit their websites.

This is a good thing! As website owners, we should always be looking for different ways to legitimately find potential new readers. Banking on one source to feed us readers / visitors makes us lazy, creating less value for you.