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Women Journalists?! Tacobot! Panama Papers? Mother Truckin' Platoons!!

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Turning AdBlockers Into Targets.

“And fundamental to this approach is an understanding that adblockers are a new and valuable segment.”

Here’s the thing. Advertising doesn’t suck. It’s bad advertising that sucks. That’s why we all watch the Super Bowl and talk about the Cookie Monster ad from Apple.

I like the approach these folks are working on, I just get nervous that it’s not scalable for the future (ie, what happens when people’s tastes change?).

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Women Journalists! In Syria!

“’This isn’t a place for women.’ Idiot, this isn’t a place for anyone.”

A very sobering look at journalism, journalism at war and women covering wars as journalists. Yikes.

(I found this article after joining the #newslinn Slack channel.)

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Speaking of Slack. Tacos!

“TacoBot is a new feature integrated with Slack…”

Taco Bell. Slack. Where is Seamless in all of this?

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Hot Shoe, Burnin’ Down the Avenue.

“We have a serious obligation to make sense of this as best we can, evaluate it and put it in context,”

Here’s the thing. I don’t understand why the Panama Papers story is so big.

  • Is it that someone stole internal documents?
  • Or, that journalism is awesome again? (Did you see Spotlight?!)
  • Or that shell companies are built to hide transactions of those who don’t necessarily want to be discovered?

It sounds like it’s super interesting and it really wants to be a lead story, but I just can’t figure it out.

(I, for one, am glad the NYTimes took a slower approach to its reporting.)

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It’s Truckin’ Autonomous Platooning.

“They’re connected by wifi and can leave a much smaller gap between vehicles than when humans are at the wheel.”

This story is from the future. Seriously, trucks delivering goods across Europe with all the craziness removed:

  • Reduced fuel usage up to 15%
  • Preventing car accidents
  • Decrease traffic congestion

There’s even a video.

All this talk of Uber and Google and Apple focusing on autonomous cars. But these folks are taking trucks across a continent.

Which gets me thinking. If we have auto-driving trucks and auto-driving cars, will ads be placed everywhere?

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