Passing The Mic

As the past two weeks of conventions come to a close, we couldn’t help but wonder why some speakers would yell their speeches and others would calmly tell their story.

It couldn’t have been experience. Cory Booker, that guy who once ran into a burning building to save someone’s life, has been in front of a microphone several times. Living in New York, we’d hear and see then-Mayor Booker speeches regularly.

And while his speech was great, and some amplification helped set the tone of his story, it felt like he was yelling at us. I have no idea what that meant for the people on the floor at the convention.

Speaking in front of folks – no matter the size of the audience – is terrifying enough. But having to adjust on the fly how you tell your story must take years of practice (in front of receptive audiences and otherwise).

Reading this article, I can see why it seemed Cory Booker was yelling. He was feeling it.

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