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100 Miles And Not Fully Runnin'

Is technology automating everything?

Is that a good thing?

As Adidas notes in this article, the company is looking to automate certain aspects of its shoe-making process. But it won’t be automating everything. That’s smart. There are certain things that shouldn’t be automated, especially with a traditional brand like Adidas.

Here’s the thing though – taking-out-the-garbage-type tasks should be automated. As with Adidas, there are certain things that we should focus on automating, so that we can put more time and effort into innovating and building new solutions for complex issues.

I think about automation a lot, especially when it comes to marketing. Take my newsletter as an example. There is automation I fully take advantage of:

  • Sign-up process
  • Contact management
  • Distribution and federation
  • Etc.

As valuable as they are to me, I don’t think focusing on these items would provide a lot of value to you.

By allowing automation to take over some of the tactical items, I can focus on adding value by creating specific content.

Automation is awesome, where it makes sense.

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