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Say Something About Workflows And Success

There has been a lot of criticism of Apple lately. Its services aren’t good enough. Its organization is outdated. Its no longer innovative. (Oh, wait – that last one is from the every year since January 3, 1977.)

The criticism is getting louder, especially as Apple’s annual developer conference nears. And as news from Google I/O (Google’s annual developer conference) begins making its way out of Mountain View, CA.

The thing that I can’t quite come to criticize Apple with is that they own the device. Yes, the Echo line is doing well (I can’t wait to get one!) and I would think Amazon is the closest in competition (distribution, payment, logistics, culture, etc.).

But Apple owns the device. (At least, today’s the device.) While the future might be device independent or possibly even device agnostic, I find it hard to believe artificial intelligence or virtual reality or bots will drive consumers to look towards a new device. I do think the re-imagination of the phone will drive consumers towards a new “phone”.

Anyway, I want to write something about workflows and successful change.

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