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Take Me To Your Leader. Meow.

I really liked this story. It’s complex because it feels so right even though there isn’t any solution. In general, I think, we’d much rather see pictures of kitties than being blasted by ridiculous advertising.

The complex part of it comes in when answering the questions: “How do we fund this, and how to we create something actionable?”. The first answer comes in the form of a Kickstarter campaign (winner!).

The second is still up in the air. I mean, you don’t want to turn the cat ads into something it’s replacing (ugly ads). But as the funder / advertiser, you do want to see how well the ads work (for future projects) and allow people who are interested in doing something know how to do that something.

It will be fun to see this project’s success and how it impacts future traditional and digital advertising campaigns.

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