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Saying Goodbye. Arro + NYC Taxi = 👎 What's Up With Your Data?

Advertisers Are the Story

“…noting that now advertisers are no longer separate from the story…”

As if native advertising wasn’t bad enough, Mashable is suggesting advertisers should be part of the story. That’s not going to backfire.

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Bye Bye, AJAM

“still shocking and sad to see… @ajam @brianstelter”

Snapped this photo on a plane this week. Enjoyed the well-written articles and seemingly different angles on stories. Was it the name that ultimately doomed them? Business model? Hyper competitive industry?

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Who Writes the Stories That Make the Whole World Read?

“yikes … “What this means is that people are getting less objective news and more biased content.” #pr #journalism”

These are sad numbers. And if the traditional news organizations don’t figure out monetizing their digital media assets soon, objective news will go from “less” to “none”.

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Uber Wins

“We paid how much to go how far? @Uber Wins”

Self promotion! For all the grief that Uber gets, competing with them is hard. Arro (and Way2Ride) are trying in NYC but little blips like this aren’t helping them. It’s not necessarily because of the technology (which, in this case, it’s a big part of it) but because of the lack of control over it’s drivers.

Granted, the guy didn’t murder anyone. But the ride we took from LGA this week was very fishy.

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Data. Data! DATA!

“looking forward to this! ‘Do you have any idea how bad your data problem is?’ #martech #data #adtech #b2b … @pisarose”

Marketing is part art and lots of science. Trouble seems to be when marketers and advertisers focus too much on data, they chase the numbers to boost revenue and forgetting why they are in business in the first place.

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