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Playing Both Sides

Within the first six lines of Mark Gurman’s recent Bloomberg expose on the failings of Apple delivering innovative Mac products: 

… Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro with a slimmer design and louder speakers.

If Gurman is trying to create a narrative that shows the lack of discipline and creativity and innovation at Apple, “slimmer design and louder speakers” as a description of the new MacBook Pro sure nails it.

Yet, within the last seven lines of Gurman’s article, is this:

The latest MacBook Pro has a “Touch Bar,” a thin touchscreen built into the keyboard that lets users quickly access app shortcuts, change system settings, and pick emojis. The laptop also has Touch ID to speed up online purchases and a giant trackpad for easier gesture control. Apple designers are already exploring standalone keyboards with the touch strip and a fingerprint reader for desktops.

That passage seems to fly in the face of the previous statement.