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The Continued Importance Of Notifications

With VIP, you can now have your BFF’s emails included as a notification. Or, you can dive into the VIP folder and flick through the emails.
— http://www.wiljr.org/read/2012/06/25/vip-a-helping-hand-to-email-campaigns

The importance of VIPs in iOS was clear but the importance VIPs would play in useful notifications wasn’t clear. That is, until Apple Watch was announced.

Beyond VIPs, notifications have become an important feature for users of Apple Watch:

Source:  iMore .

Source: iMore.

Whether by text or voice, notifications will bring unique, targeted and precious data to us and we’ll act on those notifications based on our ability and desire to do so.

(Here’s me talking about this very thing in a recent BBC interview.)

I’ve seen the future, and it’s three years old.