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It's (Still) All About Access

It's (Still) All About Access
But I think beyond just the data, it’s the ability to access the data…
— http://www.wiljr.org/read/2012/05/15/applications-data-or-access

I was reading Bill Bennett’s piece today on his site being added to Apple News. It will be fun to keep up with Bill’s columns using Apple’s news app, along with a handful of other Favorites.

The introduction of Apple News reminds of a ZDNet article about the battlefield between the application and the data. I thought the battlefield would play out on something even more basic: access.

While Microsoft Office isn’t quite dead (Office 365 has matured into something quite compelling), the application is simply a view into data. I currently have the Microsoft Outlook app and the Apple Mail app on my phone – both allow me to see my data, just in different ways.

The ability to access this data in these applications is still the main priority. Look at the New York Times being pushed out through apps such as Facebook and Starbucks

Giving more and more people the ability to access data through their preferred applications. That’s the underlying battlefield.


Update: ZDNet article above moved to CNET.