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My Site In Apple News

My Site In Apple News
Or, maybe Apple creates a “basic” version of Google Reader, with a premium version that hooks all magazines / books / articles into a single app?
— http://www.wiljr.org/read/2013/03/20/how-we-will-read

That was me back in March 2013.

Enter iOS 9, where Apple News will be introduced to iPhones and iPads (and surely hooked into Apple Watch).

I thought the “single app” approach made sense two years ago but I didn’t think it would be free nor did I think Apple would tie in it’s iAd service for monetization opportunities.

Also, with a lot of talk around Safari Content Blocking and it’s performance enhancements (not to mention enhancing the focus on, you know, the articles), it will be fun to see how Apple addresses ads in Apple News.

Oh, I’ve become a publisher for Apple News, meaning this site will appear once iOS 9 is launched (or now, in the public beta).

Exciting stuff.