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Using Remarketing To Find A Kidney

Using Remarketing To Find A Kidney

Over the past few weeks and months, my wife and I have been on a diligent search for a kidney donor. We’ve continued to temper a basket of emotions as we respond to both supportive and appalling reactions to our ongoing quest.

We are also finding new and inventive ways to get the word out. The informal motto we’ve lived by is that we don’t want to ask people to donate a kidney; we want to ask them to help us find someone who wants to be a living donor. Since we like to think of ourselves as creative, we’ve tried some typical and untypical ways of finding a donor:

  • Donor site(s) research: Done
  • Facebook ads: Done
  • Blog posts: Done
  • Podcast requests: Done
  • T-shirts: Thinking about it
  • Local news coverage: Working on it

While we have shared our story with donor organizations and kidney-related sites, it has become clear that we are pitching our plight against others in the same need. To be honest, after reading hundreds of requests and pleas, we couldn’t discern one from the other. How do you pick which patient needs an organ among thousands of similar requests?

So, we started thinking a little unconventionally, at least in our minds. I mean, who advertises they need an organ donor?

The Facebook ads have been great, and the other methods have been equally as good. But what about using remarketing? If someone comes to this site, don’t they have somewhat of an investment in the author’s well being? That’s probably a stretch for first-time viewers (which there are lots), but what about the folks who come back to read and listen again and again?

If they keep coming back, doesn’t that imply they have an interest in the content? And if they have an interest in the content, doesn’t that intrinsically suggest they would want more?

If we can connect those dots, then doesn’t it seem reasonable that when the visitor leaves this site, they can be served an ad to learn how they can help keep the content continuing?

We’re going to find out.

If you see an ad outside of this site imploring you to learn how you can help — and if you wish to learn more — click on the ad.

And beyond clicking the ad, let me know how well this sits with you (morally, ethically, legally, etc.).

It’ll help, either way.