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We Found A Donor!

We Found A Donor!

After more than a decade of knowing we’d need a transplant, and after nearly six months of looking, we are so excited to announce that we found a donor!

This past Wednesday, we were notified that the then potential donor’s initial results were coming back and they were negative. On Friday morning, we were notified the match was complete and we were able to remove the word “potential” from our donor vocabulary.



What does this mean?

With all the testing and matching complete, we are now preparing for surgery. We expect the surgery to take place over the next week.

The donor is in great hands with the support of our nephrologist, kidney coordination teams and friends and family. We set up a donor fund to cover any donor-specific costs that will not be covered by our insurance.

I will be in the hospital for a good week and recovering for up to three months, but hopefully a bit more mobile once my body settles down. We’ll post updates as we move forward.


Thank you

While we know this journey isn’t quite over yet, we want to thank everyone who supported us in so many ways. 

Thank you!