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I Want Back In

I Want Back In
"The medium feels intimate."


A few years ago, my pal and I started The Daily Scrum – a podcast about using agile methodologies in non-software development activities. Neither of us were in it for any fame but rather we were interested in learning how things worked. Back then, podcasts weren’t all that easy to put together but for two geeks, it sure was fun to record, edit, produce and distribute.

I’ve been missing those days.

I’m a huge fan of storytelling and podcasting in particular for the reason quoted above. As a marketer, it’s an obvious platform to drive engagement (both natural and ad-supported) and over the past few years, companies like Squarespace, Rogue Amoeba and Blue Microphones have made the creation and distribution of podcasts much simpler, allowing the focus to be on producing and marketing elegant shows.

I want back in.

I’ve been toying with some ideas and think I came up with something that will add value to both the listener and myself. I’m calling it MQL and I’ve posted the first episode here (it’s 00:08 in length).

I won’t promise a schedule as I am preparing for a kidney transplant and I don’t really know how that will affect my future. My upcoming surgery is driving me to restart this project – I’ll have a bit of time on my hands while I am recuperating and reflecting on things will surely occupy a bunch of my waking hours. A perfect time to stick a microphone under my nose.

If you are interested in joining me on a future show, let me know.