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Sometimes, the world works the way it should

Sometimes, the world works the way it should

As you may have seen, we recently asked you to help us find a kidney. If you want to read the reasons why and what we need (and how you can help us), you can do that here. Following that ask, what happened next was easily the most fascinating and enriching experience we have ever experienced.

Here’s the thing. We don’t really want to ask anyone for anything, much less a kidney. Yes, we know being proactive and in control of our destiny is the right thing to do. That doesn’t make it any easier to ask you for something so, um, personal.

So, we started with a few meetings: With a friend of a friend who experienced the same need, some honest and critical discussions with key people in our lives and ultimately a sit-down with each other to prepare ourselves for dealing with the onslaught of crap that would come our way. We’ve been on the Internet much too long to expect anything less.

But everything being sent to us has been an attempt to thwart the crap. We received and continue to receive the most amazing outpouring of emotions and support. Ever. From people we have never met (but are somehow connected to), in different cities, states and even countries(!).

As I remarked to one friend: “Sometimes, the world works the way it should.”.

To provide an update on where we’re at, we’re still looking. We have been told by our network of doctors to always be searching, even if an offer comes along. It’s an odd and frustrating feeling.

We know this process is going to take a long time and we feel like at times we’re searching in the dark. There are massive logistical coordination efforts we are trying to nail down. We are each other’s emotional support when the other needs a pick me up. We share your stories of support every day, all the while knowing there’s a next step, one that neither of us is looking forward to.

We can’t tell you how thankful we are to hear from you.