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Kidney Donation: Regulating An Underground Market

Kidney Donation: Regulating An Underground Market

When we went through the process of finding a kidney donor, the underground market for kidneys presented itself to us rather quickly. A clear demand with a equally clear supply that doesn’t match due to social implications.

But when you are in the position of finding an organ to save your life – an organ that is in surplus, literally, in every person – you quickly wonder why there isn’t an easier way to link this vital gap.

That’s from our perspective, needing a kidney.

But what about the donor’s perspective?

Shmuly Yanklowitz from The Atlantic provides some insight…

So, as unsavory as compensation for live-organ donations may seem, a highly-regulated global market with an emphasis on equitable compensation could allay these concerns, as well as ensuring that operations are performed safely.
— http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/10/give-a-kidney-get-a-check/412609/