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Wil's Newsletter: October 25, 2015

Wil's Newsletter: October 25, 2015

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A cold week. Who wants temperatures in the 30s?

Also, we watched The Seven Five. Was New York really this bad? 

  • Married To Your Business (Gimlet Media): You like podcasts? Startup is back, and the first episode is a goodie.
  • Doing 90% Of Your Work 100% Of The Time (wiljr.org): Sometimes I look back on somethings I wrote a few years ago and left. Other times, I think “hey, nice job there”. I come back to this one and still adhere to the thought of being able to do most of your work all of the time.
  • Terry Gross and the Art of Opening Up (NY Times): I’m not a Fresh Air fan but this is a fun read. Storytelling people! It’s where it’s at!
  • Hostile Email Landscape (Liminality): Oof.
  • Can Twitter Be Saved? (The New Yorker): From earlier in the week, then Jack announced he’s giving 1/3 of his stock to his employees (after he cut 8%) and he’s apologized to the developer community. I don’t know if Twitter can be saved but Jack sure is on the offensive. 
  • Liverpool 1 – 1 Southampton (LiverpoolFC.com): Different manager, same result.
  • Vroom! (Instagram): I hung out with some Ferrari’s this week and snapped a Mets banner in a Louisiana-style pizza joint.
  • Yankees Fans Draw Ire for Muscling In on a Mets Moment (NY Times): Hilarious! Although, living with one of “them”, the idea of rooting for New York isn’t too bad.
  • Saying ‘I’m sorry’ is the best career move you can make (Fortune): Dunno, just liked and agree with this.