I Need A Kidney

I Need A Kidney

This past week, my wife and I met with our nephrologist. The results from recent lab work were encouraging–my GFR (my kidney filtration rate) has leveled off over the past few months. I remain at stage 4 of 5.

With these results, we’ve decided to go on the offensive—instead of waiting for the disease to dictate our next steps, we’re starting an effort to find an altruistic/Good Samaritan donor.

We are asking you to help get the word out. To make it as effortless as possible , we’ve set up a page that gives some background and action items if people want to help:


I am grateful for any exposure you can provide to help me find a kidney.

I’m expecting this to be the first of many updates but don’t ever hesitate to contact me if I can help with any questions or offer any support.

Thank you.

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