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iPhone 6 Plus: The First 48 Hours

iPhone 6 Plus: The First 48 Hours

I picked up my pre-ordered iPhone 6 Plus 48 hours ago. Yes, I ordered the big one. No, I’m not disappointed by the size. No, I’m not returning it for the smaller version.

Here are my thoughts following my first 48 hours with my new phone…


I’ve been to my fair share of opening Apple events. I was a little more prepared this time and awoke early on September 12 to order my phone. Instead of having it delivered on September 19, I decided I’d stand in the pre-order line.

I’d do this again, although this really bothered me:

I really do hope something’s done about the lines. At other opening days, the Apple employees come out and cheer everyone on, getting the folks in line excited about their new device(s). The crowd normally replies in kind.

This time, it was really flat and awkward. I didn’t get the feeling people in line were excited about owning a new Apple device.

(There were two lines – one for pre-orders and one for day-of purchases. One fellow, standing in the day-of line, struck up a conversation with the person in front of me. When the person in front of me asked the day’s equivalent of A/S/L – ie, size, color, quantity – the fellow responded he was buying two: “One to use, one to sell”.)

Pro tip: Don’t restore the iPhone in the store on the day the device is released. The Apple network tends to be a bit “busy”.


The last photo taken on my iPhone 5. Also, I'm next!

The last photo taken on my iPhone 5. Also, I’m next!


Once I was escorted into the store, I provided proof of purchase and my phone was being located and brought to me. While I was waiting, I checked out the two phones. At first glance when I saw the phones from afar, I thought “Wow, the Plus is really big!”.

I was looking at the iPhone 6.


When the iPhone 6 Plus was brought out and we went through the initial set up, I thought “Oh, it’s not really that big.”.

A little background here: I own an iPhone 5 and am really happy with it. I also own an iPad Mini and am really happy with that. What I’m not overly happy with is owning them both. They are both terrific for what I need them for (work, play, etc.). The two were getting too much. (That sounds awful.) I knew the Plus would be big, and I read the pieces about pocket size, etc. But I put the Mini in my pocket without any issues. I knew the Plus would be big. That’s why I wanted it – to make my total footprint smaller and more convenient.

Since I’ve picked up the phone, I’ve had it tucked in my work pants and shorts. Both times, there was no discomfort. I felt my wallet more (a card case wallet) than the phone. I’ve used it for phone calls and I don’t feel any more awkward than I normally do when using a phone.

The iPhone 6 Plus is big. But I knew that, and I’m very happy with the size.


Holy smokes. The screen nice. It’s big and crisp and all that. I can’t stop staring at how great the content on the phone looks.

I do a lot of reading. The clarity and size are terrific combos. If you can put aside the size debate for a second, just go look at one and stare at the screen.


Super light. I couldn’t believe how light the iPhone 5 was when it came out. I can’t believe how light and thin the iPhone 6 Plus is. Yes, it’s bigger but the weight of the phone makes the size less relevant. It’s really light.

One gripe that is just going to take getting used to is the placement of the power button. It used to be at the top, and now is on the right side of the device. It makes sense, but it’s a little awkward getting used to. Also, is it just me or is it off-middle from the side? Maybe it’s the curve of the phone.


It’s all that.

It’s really nice. I was able to capture a decent zoomed-in photo of this guy watching yesterday’s Liverpool match in a rather dark area:


The apps, iOS 8, extensions, etc. are all very cool. It will take a bit longer than 48 hours to figure out all the little tricks of these updates. I didn’t have Touch ID with the iPhone 5. I’m very much looking forward to this.

A few things that negatively stood out for me when using the new phone + new iOS:

  • Nicknames: These don’t seem to be available throughout the device. I use nicknames for email addresses mostly, so I don’t have to type out the same email address every time it’s asked.
  • Buggy: iOS 8 seems to be a little buggy here and there. I’ve had a few crashes in the first 24 hours – both the phone itself and specific apps. I’m not concerned – just annoyed.

I thought I had lost the excitement of owning a new Apple device. The days leading up to the announcement. The announcement. The pre-order. The purchase. The pickup. The usage.


Apple still has it.